Pornstars.AI V2 Launch ✨✨

Pornstars.AI Relaunch Main Image

We're thrilled to announce the launch of the second iteration of Pornstars.AI.

This iteration brings much needed improvements such as:

  • Improved models
  • Fast generation speed
  • Better paid plans
  • Ability to delete images

Every user also gets 700 free fap coins every month and a generation will typically cost 10 fap coins, which means you can generate up to 70 images for free per month! Free users are throttled to 1 generation at a time.

For paid users, you will have the ability to:

  • Make your generations private, therefore only accessible by you.
  • Use an all-text prompt and not be limited by tags.
  • No throttling
  • Fast generation speed than free.

We hope you enjoy the improvements and we are looking forward to your feedback as we roll this out.